Development of New Website for Springfield Visitors Underway

The CVB has entered into a partnership with MMG Worldwide, Kansas City, MO, to develop a new interactive website for marketing to leisure visitors, convention/sports attendees and to provide information to local residents and the media.  The site is scheduled to launch March 2011, to support the 2011 leisure advertising campaign that will begin at the same time.  The new site will feature many new, interactive features including an improved calendar of events, a more user-friendly search function, social media integration, maps, enhanced listings, detailed analytics and much more.

Detailed analytics are necessary to help the CVB know user behaviors such as who is coming to the site, how long they are staying, and what they do while on the site.  This information helps guide the marketing programs of the CVB and directs how and where advertising dollars are spent.  In addition, this information will help CVB partners evaluate the value of their advertisement on the website.  The CVB has already implemented Google Analytics, the industry standard, as the analytics tool on the current site, mobile site and social media pages.  This will allow for a seamless transition when the new site is launched next spring.  By incorporating these analytics tools now, the CVB will be able to compare year-to-date figures for the old and new sites and will allow for quick changes and updates to the new site based on sections that may be under-performing.

A series of focus groups also is planned for the new website.  These focus groups will allow various user-groups the opportunity to review the site and suggest updates and changes before the site is launched.  If you are interested in participating in a focus group for the new website or have any questions about the new site or website analytics, contact Laura Whisler, marketing director, at 417-881-5300, Ext. 104, or e-mail   For information about advertising on the CVB website, contact Melissa Divincen, partner development manager, at 417-881-5300, Ext. 105 or e-mail

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Laura Whisler is the Vice President for the Springfield, Missouri, Convention & Visitors Bureau

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