March 2020

The travel industry is getting hit hard by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The CVB is working to keep up with the rapidly changing situation and its local impact. Please rest assured we will be developing marketing programs to help spur travel again when the crisis is over. In the meantime, here’s news that

January 2020

The CVB staff is gearing up for the 2020 travel season and it’s looking as if it will be busy! A lot of groups are coming to the city, legislative activities are underway and more is happening. Check out the headlines below for news and information about what’s happening in the local travel industry this

December 2019

Things slow down just a little at the CVB in December, but not much! We’re working on our 2020 travel and tourism awards, hosting journalists and more. Check it out at Issues & Info, a newsletter produced by the Convention & Visitors Bureau, a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing the local economy through growth in travel and tourism.

November 2019

We’re accepting nominations, have new partners on board, hired a new staff member and are welcoming groups to the city. Check it out on Issues & Info, the online newsletter of the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau.

October 2019

Cooler weather is finally here but that doesn’t mean things are cooling off at the Convention & Visitors Bureau. Learn about what we’ve been doing and other news you need to know about the travel and tourism industry with the stories below. Missouri Tourism Award Recipients Include Springfield’s Jeff Houghton Registration Continues for Travel Alliance

September 2019

As fall approaches, temperatures will cool but that doesn’t mean the pace slows down in the tourism industry. The CVB is selling ads for the 2020 Visitors Guide, big groups are coming to the city and a lot of other activity is underway. Check it out in the September issue of Issues & Info. CVB