Arts Enhance Local Culture, Economy

The Springfield Arts Community is more than just artwork. The Sculpture Walk, Artsfest, Cider Days, the Springfield Art Museum, the theatres, the opera, the orchestra and the ballet are all a part of Springfield’s art scene. These events bring in a surprising amount of money from the community and from tourists coming to see the shows, and

Attractions Educate, Entertain Visitors

If you haven’t experienced Springfield’s attractions, National Travel & Tourism Week May 3-9 should give you a reason to think about doing that. You are truly missing out on some incredible experiences. Around every corner, there are fun things to do from swimming with sharks at Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium to feeding

CVB Presents State of the Travel & Tourism Industry

Springfield’s travel and tourism industry has experienced healthy growth the past few years, a trend that accelerated in early 2017 and reached unprecedented levels after Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium opened in September. “Wonders of Wildlife is a game changer for Springfield,” Tracy Kimberlin, president/CEO of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, said during

Amateur Sports Lead the Pack for Tourism in Springfield This Spring

While the nation celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week May 7-13, Springfield will be cheering about an influx of visitors in the city for amateur sporting events in May and June. The people attending those events will be doing the things that make tourism worth celebrating: staying at hotels, dining, shopping and visiting attractions. In